Sorting instructions

Sort your food waste in the language that suits you

At Daka ReFood, we want to help you make waste sorting as easy as possible. We have therefore compiled a number of sorting instructions that you can use in everyday life.

You can access our sorting instructions in Danish, English, German, Polish, and Turkish.


Correct sorting of food waste

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Food waste

food waste icon


fish icon

Fruit and vegetables

Fruit and vegetables icon

Sauses and soup

Sauses and soup icon

Noodles and rice

Noodles and rice icon

Coffee grounds and filters

Coffee grounds and filters icon

Eggs and eggshells

Eggs and eggshells icon

Cakes and bread

Cakes and bread icon


Tin foil

Tin foil icon

Paper and cardboard

Paper and cardboard icon

Hard plastic
(buckets, bottles and similar)

Hard plastic icon

Biodegradable cups,
tableware, and paper bags

Biodegradable cups icon

Coloured plastic
and paperbags

Coloured plastic and paperbags icon

Plastic cutlery

Plastic cutlery icon

Tins and glass

Tins and glass icon