Daka ReFood is Part of the Daka Denmark Group

Environment and quality are given high priority in the Daka Denmark Group.

Daka ReFood is part of the Daka Denmark Group, an international producer of quality ingredients for use in food, animal feed, aquaculture and different industrial sectors as well as the energy and agricultural sectors. Daka also offers a wide range of services to the agricultural sector and the food industry. Daka exports to most parts of the world and complies with international hygiene and maintenance standards. The company’s factories comply with the high bacteriological standards set out in the Danish Veterinary and Food Administration’s programme for self-control.


Part of an international group

Daka is part of SARIA, which produces quality ingredients for use in food, feed, agriculture, aquaculture and other industries. The company primarily focuses on producing top-quality proteins and fats from animal by-products. In addition, SARIA is actively involved in the production of sustainable energy (biodiesel and biogas) and is a major provider of services to the agriculture and the food industry.

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