Danes throw away 802 kg of waste per person per year. By separating and recycling organic waste, we avoid destroying nature's own resources.

From Food Waste to Green Energy

At Daka ReFood, we collect and recycle organic waste to ensure that no resources are wasted. We provide a tailor made service solution for our customers who, among others, are in the food industry, schools, restaurants and similar. Read more about our customers.

The waste we collect is used in the production of biogas, a green and CO2-friendly alternative to incineration. The used cooking oil is recycled as biodiesel, which is a green substitute for fossil fuels. Through preventive work and better sorting, we can utilise the scarce resources far better than we do today. Read more about recycling.

Daka ReFood was established in 2012 and is part of Daka Denmark A/S, which for many years has specialised in the recycling of waste. While Daka traditionally takes care of animal by-products from slaughterhouses and farmers, Daka ReFood handles all types of food waste and used cooking oil.


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