Used cooking oil and fats are recycled as 2nd generation biodiesel, meaning that the raw materials are unsuitable for human consumption. The self-declaration declares that no fresh oil is poured into Daka ReFood containers.

ISCC certification system

The self-declarations for deliveries of used cooking oil on this page are a valid part of the contract between Daka ReFood A/S and our customers.


The self-declaration will be presented to the customer either within the contract or within the terms and conditions. If the self-declarations are part of the written contract, they shall be deemed as accepted from the effective date of the contract. If the self-declarations are included in the terms and conditions, they shall be deemed as accepted if the customer does not explain his or her objection to Daka ReFood A/S within 14 days after the terms and conditions have been presented to him or her. If the customer does not object, this will be considered as an agreement to the terms and conditions. The self-declarations will be deemed as accepted after the 14 days have passed. 


The self-declaration is valid 1 year from the effective date of the signed contract. 


Self-declaration of used cooking oil for the production of biofuels ISCC EU Directive no. 2009/28 / EC can be found  here

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