Daka ReFood works daily to create a greener Denmark charactarised by more recycling, more renewable energy and less waste of resources.

Our Green Vision

We work every day to create a greener Denmark, characterised by more recycling, more renewable energy and less waste of resources. 

Recycling is our core competence
At Daka ReFood we see it as one of our primary tasks to share our knowledge of recycling of organic waste and improve Danish routines when it comes to the recycling of waste:

  • We want to be an important part of the transition to a greener Denmark
  • We want to change society's view of waste to understand the potential of waste as a valuable resource
  • We will fight for better use of scarce resources
  • We will support any preventive approaches
  • We will share our knowledge of the many benefits of recycling
  • We will create green jobs
  • We will contribute to sustainable development in the energy sector


We want our work to create a smaller environmental footprint through:

  • Less food waste
  • More sorting
  • More recycling
  • Fewer CO2 emissions


Together we can make things better
For many years, Denmark was among the pioneers in the development of innovative green solutions. The solutions supplied green energy and inspired countries around the world. This position has been weakened, and Denmark has lagged far behind our neighbouring countries. We incinerate too much and recycle too little.

At Daka ReFood we believe that Denmark can take the lead again. In other EU countries, such as Holland, Germany and Austria, they already have a sorting culture where they get more resources out of their waste. If we can sort deposit bottles, glass, cardboard and batteries, we can also sort food waste.

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