Our customer are providers of green energy to the society. By sorting and reuse food waste you contribute to Denmarks green transition


Call Customer Service +45 7027 2030

Customer Service

Our customers are our most important stakeholders and it is essential that our services are adapted to their needs. Contact our Customer Service at tel. +45 7027 2030 or refood@daka.dk We will answer your query as soon as possible.

Order collection of your containers

Are your containers full or are they almost full? Click here and order collection of your containers. Please have your customer number and code ready.



At Daka ReFood one of our core competencies is to find the best possible use of all organic waste. We evaluate whether your organic waste is best suited in the production of feed, fertiliser or biogas. At Daka ReFood we are always interested in organic waste, and regardless of the amount you have and of the collection interval you may need, we would like to make you an offer.


For requests regarding collection or other enquiries, please contact customer service. 

For requests regarding guidance or sales, please contact our sales consultants. 



The Green Transition

At Daka ReFood we work every day to create a greener Denmark characterised by more recycling, less resource waste and more sustainable energy. Read more about Denmark's Green Transition.

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