Daka ReFood has just launched a Label in collaboration with the Danish Agriculture and Food Council and the consumer association Stop Wasting Food Movement Denmark. It is a green seal of approval for organisations, institutions and companies that are making an active effort to reduce food waste and increase recycling. With the new ReFood Label you can send a strong signal that you are a modern organisation that respects the environment.


Send your application to us here. The application will be processed within one week. The application must contain your name and contact details, as well as documentation or strategy for reducing food waste and waste sorting. The ReFood Label is available as an image file for use on websites or as a sticker for smooth surfaces such as windows. Just write down your requests for type of Label and the amount of stickers plus your contact details in the application e-mail.


How can food waste be reduced?
If you think of the environment as a business, it is important to consider all areas where efforts can be made. Every day usable resources are thrown away, and we must learn to look at waste as a valuable resource. The new Label will put the focus on prevention and recycling, as well as how we handle the organic waste. You should question:


  • How much is collected?
  • How often?
  • How big are the packages?
  • Are the residues used?
  • Is the waste sorted?
  • How much is thrown out?
  • Where does the waste end up?


Remember to sort

Despite having good routines it can be difficult to completely avoid throwing anything away. When we do throw things away, it is important to at least sort it. Organic waste is rich in energy and that energy can be used. It can provide us with heat in our living rooms, electricity in our sockets and ensure a good harvest in the fields. By sorting waste we can together ensure a more resource-efficient Denmark.





As a restaurant, you can get free doggy bags for your customers, which helps reduce food waste. read more about Unilever's goodie bags

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